Friday, August 31, 2012

Cross Country

On last sunny friday we have to come with our clothes and changes after that then we have our lunch, On afternoon we have to line up then we all went to the court and all listen to miss G.

We all watch the juniors running fast then the thirteen years old was next to race the boys came and they all run like hungry cheetahs with a pack.

Then the 12 years old was next they all ran like little little Uisan Blot I came fourth It was angry but i had fun with my friends.

Friday, August 17, 2012


In 1900 Saint Pius X vs Glen Innes Primary School in Olympic tug of war at Auckland City.Then the games was started Saint Pius X Room 6 came inside first and then Glen Innes Primary School came second, Saint Pius X pulled and pulled Primary school was trying to stop and Saint Pius X was keep on doing are same thing and they win and the second round and Primary School won and then coming to the final one Saint Pius X was scary because that the last games.

 After that then the last final round Saint Pius X School getting ready after that Saint Pius X ran inside first then the Primary School come last then the games was started, Saint Pius X keep going pulled and pulled and Primary School try to stop and Saint Pius X was win for this olympic final and they got are gold they happy about that.


 Rouse Kosta is black eyes and he is on olympic athlete. And he is playing for New Zealand olympic and I hope him to get a gold or silver for New Zealand. 

 Rouse Kosta he is always go for training alday and he joyed New Zealand’s team and his birth on 19/02/1990 and he is 22 now and he is coming from Auckland City.