Friday, June 15, 2012

Howick Historical Village

Howick Historical Village.

On Last Friday I went with Room 3,5,6,7 to the Howick Historical Village.
because we have to learn how to wear our clothes on 1800’s and I was very happy and then we go there and we have our morning tea. After that room 6 go with Miss Mells to the first activated its doing at a big house but there was also and I ask Miss Meel “what to we have to do here”because I was scary and then Miss Mell said to me hang on but there was a game its are squeak piggy squeak and I was very happy and cool and I tell to Viliami Mumt what the second activated and she told me and we went with my teacher Miss Moodley to look to what something is different to learn about that and we get a bible from the house but there was old house from 1800’s and then we have our  dinner after that and we all come back from the Howick Historical Village. And I go home and home and I was very happy


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