Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cross Country

Saint Pius X  school  had Cross country on Tuesday 13th August 2013.The Saint Pius X Cross country its a sport event.
Cross country is a long distance runaround the two times.

Students changed into their P.E gear, They all walked into the tennis courts and lined up into their age groups, from the 13 year olds to the 5 year olds.

Then one of  our school teacher Miss G announced the first runners and it was  the 12 and 13 years old, we all lineup at the front of the office and get  ready to run around the course two times.

The Senior Finished there race.They all sat down and cheered on the Juniors running on the field.Everyone had a great time at the Cross Country.


Misiotei said...

Well don David this is just awesome. I really liked this writing about the cross country. It was very fun like you said in your writing. For next time just check your work or give it to your teacher before you publish it keep up the good work David.

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